State of San Andreas


San Andreas is a shifting geological fault line, located in California, where the Pacific and North American tectonic plates meet. It has already caused very large and devastating earthquakes in California, but seismologists are predicting that The big one is still to come – an earthquake that could wipe out the region.

San Andreas is also a fictional state in the Grand Theft Auto video game series, entirely composed of islands and peninsulas. Its topographic and urban characteristics are constructed on a free meta interpretation of several regions of the United States.

State of San Andreas is a hybrid film, between documentary and fiction, real and virtual, which explores the diversity of narratives around San Andreas. The work addresses themes of destruction, protection, experience, and resilience in the face of natural disasters.

This project addresses the concept of failure in a literal and metaphorical sense. As well as probing some of the rifts and the instabilities of the San Andreas Fault, it will explore a fracture of the fiction. The project will ask how to approach a reality and create narratives in a Post-truth era?