Legacy of Silence - Erfenis van stilte by Janine Prins



Language :

OV Dutch, St English


Synopsis :

Using her own (in)tangible Eurasian heritage objects, the author explores how exhibition practices can be used to complement her video material. Taking its cues from ethnographic museums and expanded cinema, an independent multi-screen experiential exhibit was created, which draws on Jacques Rancière’s concept of the emancipated spectator. Visitor responses show that the non-linear open-ended exhibit strategies used to present the media and objects do enhance interest and evoke multiple perspectives. Furthermore, the withholding of factual information invites visitors to engage in a personal quest for connections, sometimes with the help of others. Set in an intimate atmosphere where one is free to follow one’s own route, and with direct access to original sources, visitors take on the role of performers inside the work.


Team :

Image, Son, Montage : Janine Prins


Texte on the video installation project : https://journals.openedition.org/anthrovision

Excerpt : https://vimeo.com/219399801