Collective session

    Collective Session September 2024

    Collective Session 4
    23—27 September 2024
    with guest Anouk De Clercq


    Monday 23 + Tuesday 24 September | 9:00—18:00
    Feedback Sessions with SIC 2024 Participants
    with Anouk De Clercq

    Wednesday 25 September
    Masterclass with Anouk De Clercq

    Thursday 26 September
    Case-study, with Maaike Neuville

    Thursday 26 September
    Case-study, with Rebecca Jane Arthur

    Friday 27 September | 9:30—13:00
    Case-study: ‘Vacancy’
    by Alexandra Kandy Longuet

    Detailed information about each of these events will be added soon. 

    This collective session is taking place at Project(ion) Room (rue des Praetere 55, 1180 Uccle).
    If you want to attend any of our events, please email us at