Organized by a collective of filmmakers as a laboratory of creative thought, engaged in intercultural, bi-communal ethical reflection, SIC is attentive to new artistic reflections and trends. We question languages, their modes of representation and the power dynamics they generate.

SoundImageCulture’s bi-annual Focus symposium aims to open up these familiar critical spaces to the public.

Together, we can open up other debates, welcome other questions and forge a relationship that enlightens us and brings us closer together.

In 2020, we brought “Aesthetics of the Political”, a two-part symposium on how critical political thinking could become one with images, sounds and food.

– Part One “Dinner of Disappearance
– Part Two “Critical Images

In 2022 we presented Boundary Encounters, a symposium on hybridization in film, strategies of fiction in films about reality.

In 2024 we are planning Plongées Numériques, a symposium on new media and their action, visible and invisible, in the future of our societies.

2020 Focus:  Aesthethics of the Political —Dinner of Disappearance / Critical Images

Politics is about what we see and what we can say about it, about who has the competence to see and the quality to say, about the properties of spaces and the possibilities of time.

It is from this that we can pose the question of aesthetic practices, in the sense in which we understand it, i.e. the forms of visibility of art practices, the place they occupy, what they do in the eyes of the common.”  – Jacques Rancière

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Aesthethics of the Political: Dinner of Disappearance
Aesthethics of the Political: Critical Images

2022 Focus: Boundary Encounters

“There is a constitutive movement in modern fiction, which shifts its center of gravity from its traditional core, constituted by the knots of narrative events, to those edges where fiction finds itself at its possible cancellation… edges where fiction welcomes the world of beings and situations that previously existed at its margins: the insignificant events between what happens and what simply happens.

These are also the uncertain boundaries between what is real and what is invented. Finally, these are the edges where the narrative that intends to document the real appropriates forms of overt fiction.”

Jacques Rancière – The edges of fiction.

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Focus: Boundary Encounters

2024 Focus: Plongées Numériques

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