Maïder Fortune: De bouche à oreille et vice versa, fluid narratives in image moving practices

    Wednesday 16 March 2022
    Workshop with Maïder Fortune

    About this Workshop

    Considering stories as fluids that flow from mouth to ear and vice-versa, the workshop will explore how we are affected/infected by the words and images they conjure. Whether lived, heard or read, stories expand our lives and fantasies, opening our experience to third-party subjectivities that shape the present of our metabolism.

    What structures/forms do they conceal that can found a writing project “in cinema”?

    How can we approach the articulation of multiple image systems (textual, sonic, visual), while taking care to encourage games of friction, twisting, hassle, creating rich and singular displacements?

    From collective reading/viewing/listening, we will sketch out tracks of practices that are likely to nourish the projects of each of the participants.

    About Maïder Fortuné

    Maïder Fortuné, studied literature and theatre (École Jacques Lecoq in Paris) before entering Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts, where she developed a performance-related practice of the technological image. With its great formal rigor, Fortuné’s work commands all the viewer’s attention for a genuine experience of the image and its processes. Recently, her practice turned to more narratives preoccupations. Lecture performances and films deeply rooted in writing, are the mediums she process to open up new narrative strategies.
    Her work has been exhibited internationaly (Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan). In 2010 she won the Villa Medicis fellowship in Roma, Italy. Recent shows and performances have been held at Gallery 44, Toronto, Centre Pompidou Paris, and the Toronto International Film Festival.
    In 2020, Communicating Vessels won the Accomodo Tiger award at IFFR Rotterdam, the Main Award of Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, the Student Award of Black Canvas film festival in Mexico, and was part of Indie Lisboa film festival, FID Marseille film festival, Montreal documentary Film Festival, Bucharest Film Festival. Outhere (for Lee lozano) is her last film codirected with Annie Mac Donell.