Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam & Geoffroy Cernaix: Déplacer le regard

    Wednesday 11 May 2022
    Masterclass with Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam and Geoffroy Cernaix

    11:00 – 13:00 Screening DELPHINE’S PRAYERS, 80 min, 2020

    This film is the portrait of Delphine, a young Cameroonian girl who, after the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father’s parental responsibilities, was raped at the age of 13. She sinks into prostitution to support herself and her daughter. She ends up marrying a Belgian man who is three times her age, hoping to find a better life in Europe for her and her daughter. Seven years later, the European dream has faded and her situation has only gotten worse.

    Delphine, like others, is part of this generation of young African women crushed by our patriarchal societies and left with this Western sexual colonization as the only means of survival. Through her courage and strength, Delphine exposes these patterns of domination that continue to lock up African women.

    14:30-17:00 IN DIALOGUE

    Working with film puts at stake many of our (inherited) power relations on all levels.
    The ones between the maker and subject, but also those in promoted techniques, schools, commissions, production houses and none the less in distribution. How to find your own point of view in this and how to find the freedom to defend it?

    Rosine Mbakam and her partner and editor Geoffroy Cernaix propose a joint masterclass to share on the dialogue they create around the stories shared, between them, with the spectator.

    About Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam and Geoffroy Cernaix

    Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam was born in 1980 in Cameroon and started working at the NGO COE where she was trained in editing and directing. She made several documentaries there. In 2003, she joined the team of STV (Spectrum Television) where she made audiovisual programmes. Mbakam left Cameroon in 2007 to study film at INSAS in Belgium. In 2018, she co-founded Tândor Productions with Geoffroy Cernaix.

    After graduating from the ESAV film school in Toulouse with a Masters in History and Cinema, Geoffroy Cernaix joined the IAD in the editing section, where he graduated in 2008. In 2009, he joined Atelier Cinéma – Gsara as an editor. He works there as an editor and producer for Tandor Productions.