From Encounter to Commitment: Mapping Our Meanings

    Workshop by Andrea Luka Zimmerman
    Wednesday 24 April 2024

    To work from life towards and into film necessitates not only sensitivity but rigour, ethics, and a strong sense of play, even obstinacy. My films are an ecology, all is connected, the place is as much a character as a performer, or other life forms might be. The way of making is part of the meaning conjured by the making. I am interested in how certain structures may contribute to a denial of life, and how other forms of expression than the standardised ones allow us to see in different ways, making counter memories.

    So, how to be consciously and radically open when making work… Looking at examples from my own films, in this hands-on workshop we explore your own practice and prompts in process and form, investigating the value systems underpinning our work.

    — Andrea Luka Zimmerman

    Practical Information

    Date: Wednesday 24 April 2024
    Venue: Argos (rue du Chantier 13, 1000 Bruxelles)
    Time: 14:00—17:00

    Tickets are free, on registration only (limited space)
    If you want to attend, please email us at