Case-study Screening

    Globes, by Nina de Vroome

    Thursday 8 September 2022
    Screening and Case study by Nina de Vroome

    Caught in a dance, bees tell each other stories about the world around them. People equally claim their role in those stories, sometimes very close and intimate, sometimes distant and on an industrial scale. Nina de Vroome’s thoughts also swarm as bees do: from the smallest cell in a honeycomb to the global economy, her essayistic nature documentary Globes charts the bond between humans and bees. As accomplished storytellers, they both give shape to lives under the sun.

    About Nina de Vroome

    Nina de Vroome (1989) is an independent filmmaker. She studied film at KASK / School of Arts in Ghent. Her graduation work Waves (2013) is a reflection on sound and the way it influences senses of community. In 2016 she completed A Sea Change, a feature documentary film about a maritime boarding school near the Belgian coast. The short documentary A Dog’s Luck (2018) is a portrait of a group of police dogs during their training. Her films were shown at international festivals like Visions du Réel and International Film Festival Rotterdam. She is a writer and editor for Sabzian, a Belgian magazine on cinema. As a teacher she is involved in various educational projects. She makes collages and engages in collaborations as a sound engineer and editor.