Parcours d’Artistes

    6, 7 & 8 October 2023

    The “Parcours d’Artistes” of Forest (Brussels) is a flagship event enabling local visual artists, both professional and amateur, established or young talent, galleries and art centers, to open their doors to the general public for an intimate, warm and festive rendezvous in their studio or exhibition space.

    SIC is invited to host a screening which will be playing on loop during the week-end of 6, 7 and 8 October 2023.

    Free entrance. GC Ten Weyngaert (rue des Alliés 54, 1190 Forest)
    Friday 6 October 2023 — 17:00>22:00
    Saturday 7 October 2023 — 10:00>18:00
    Sunday 8 October 2023 — 10:00>18:00
    Link: Parcours d’Artistes.


    Unknown Label

    by Nicolas Gourault
    Duration: 16 minutes
    Language:  English
    Subtitles: French

    Unknown Label explores the daily reality of online micro-workers from the Global South who annotate images for self-driving cars. It investigates the power asymmetries and neocolonialist exploitation involved in the human labour necessary to train AI systems. Unknown Label reveals the hidden people that help shape how machines see the world.

    Le Terrier

    by Amélie Derlon Cordina
    Duration: 12 minutes
    Language:  French
    Subtitles: English

    The Terrier is Kafka’s last text, a vertiginous monologue left unfinished. The challenge here is to have the cinematographic experience of the text. Mismatched planks and palettes are planted indoors. Strike, a fifty year old man is the main and only character. This intricacy of words and places blends together with Strike, reader, performer and protagonist. They become indistinguishable. The film uses the same labyrinthine movement as the text itself, back and forth between inside and outside, from the terrier-decor to the terrier-text: its actualization.

    Podesta Island

    by Stéphanie Roland
    Duration: 23 minutes
    Language:  English, French
    Subtitles: French

    Podesta Island exists according to Google Earth.
    Podesta Island does not exist according to Wikipedia.
    Does it really exist?

    Liberty: an ephemeral statute

    by Rebecca Jane Arthur
    Duration: 37 minutes
    Language:  English
    Subtitles: Dutch, French

    Stemming from a personal account of a search for liberation set in the US during the early 70s, « Liberty: an ephemeral statute » reflects upon post-68 desires for emancipation, emigration, and education through an impressionistic memoir and portrait of the filmmaker’s mother back home in Scotland today.

    Chapter for the Sun (Passage voor de Zon)

    by Annelein Pompe
    Duration: 14 minutes
    Language: Dutch
    Subtitles: English

    The filmmaker collects lullabies for Yameen Ali Shah, the night shopkeeper in Ghent, while actually, she has to look for a job. Rather she decides to follow Yameen in his sleep.

    He, who sleeps in daylight, provides a poetic stage at night for the diverse inhabitants of his city. Amongst them we meet Koenraad Jules Cornelius Goudeseune, who can’t sing us a lullaby but he attempts to read us a boring poem for us to fall asleep promptly.