Bye-Bye, Itte Rasshai

Constanze Wouters

Bye-Bye, Itte Rasshai

by Constanze Wouters


This film is about the joy of filmmaking and the joy of falling in love. When you start a new relationship you discover all these new things.

Bye-bye, itte rasshai wants to research all these elements and connect them through cinema. My partner is gonna teach me how to surf, I’m gonna teach her some stuff about filmmaking, she’s gonna teach me how to speak Japanese. Learning new stuff is doing them over and over again. This film is a confluence of these rhythmic, repetitive actions. Bye-bye, itte rasshai is Japanese ‘Bye-bye come back soon’. This focuses on our relationships with our fathers. They both left our family when we were young. It’s always a farewell and the uncertainty when we will see each-other again. The absence of men, in this relationship and in our youth, will be examined in Bye-bye, itty rasshai.