Current participant: Hannah Bailliu

In het spoor van Zonneroos

Hannah Bailliu


“The body was transforming itself into a gift. And she felt that it was a gift because she was experiencing, from a direct source, the unquestionable blessing of existing materially.” (Clarice Lispector)

This is a film about looking at other lives and organisms in order to find a way to live that makes sense. This is a film about rooting and uprooting. In search for a rhythm that suits, I breathe along with another. Where am I moving towards? What haunts the place that makes one stay? Or leave? Two Belgian men reside in a remote valley of southern Portugal, one has been living along with the land for 40 years and awaits the return of his daughter, the other is visiting for an undefined duration. They clean the soil of redundant trees. Elsewhere in the Algarve a young Polish musician is stranded with his camper and newly adopted dog. In voicemessages he recounts his actions of the day as well as his desire for a way to land.