Current participant: Margo Mot

Bruxelles de 5 à 7

Margo Mot


Brussels, 5 a.m. The first tram drives out of the tram depot, construction workers are waiting to be picked up, businessmen- and women are trying to get ahead of the traffic jam, a man is eating in his car, a woman is smoking in her car, the piles of e-steps unravelling, the traffic jam thickening. Everyone is tired. Eternally searching for her own rhythm, filmmaker Margo observes the rhythm of the early morning in Brussels. What do the movements and motivations of people awake between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. tell about the society we are living in? Man’s rhythm has always been influenced by the times in which he lived. By arranging various puzzle pieces of the morning, collecting them, and placing them in a timeline, Margo not only pictures Brussels and its inhabitants but also the rhythm of an economic system in which we all take part, even if we fall ‘outside’ of it.