Questions, by Sirah Foighel Brutmann

    Wednesday 9 November 2022
    Workshop with Sirah Foighel Brutmann

    Collective viewing of (favourite) films that deal with notions of family, care and trauma.

    The viewing will be followed by QUESTIONS, a discursive practice that started in 2009 out of the necessity to find new ways to polylogue when addressing political and artistic discourse. QUESTIONS enables the participants to continuously reformulate ideas, theories and concepts while advancing towards understanding, misunderstanding, poetics, or all at once.  The discussion is held only by asking questions, each participant can ask as many questions as wanted and there is no predetermined order of speakers. Each question needs to relate to the question or questions before it. Each question has to be directed to all participants and not to a specific person. Each participant can repeat a question that was asked earlier in the discussion or ask for 30 seconds of silence.

    About Sirah Foighel Brutmann

    Sirah Foighel Brutmann is a Brussels based audio-visual artist. She is working through installation, moving image and performance in collaboration with Eitan Efrat. 

    Sirah and Eitan’s practice focuses on the performative aspects of the moving image. In their work they aim to mark the spatial and durational potentialities of reading of images – moving or still; the relations between spectatorship and history; and the temporality of narratives and memory.

    Sirah is a founding member of Messidor an artist-run organisation for AMI production and exchange. She is an active member of Engagement arts, a peer to peer platform that fights sexism in the arts. Sirah works from Level Five an artist run cooperative studio in Brussels.

    Their works have been produced by Auguste Orts and Argos (BE) and distributed by EYE institute (NL), they have won prizes in IMAGES (CA) and Oberhausen Film Festival (DE). Sirah and Eitan have presented their work as featured artists at the 59th Flaherty Film Seminar (US), and have participated in artists talks and presentations in institutions such as Doc’s Kingdom, FLACC, Genk, LUCA BFA class, Brussels, DocNomads 2014, and Bezalel MFA class, Tel Aviv. Sirah and Eitan teach video at l’erg, Brussels.