Red Komodo

    Thursday 23 November 2023
    Workshop by Matteo Robert Morales

    Understanding the technical functioning of a camera can be at times intimidating for aspiring film directors. This workshop is designed to give the participants a comprehensive understanding of the key attributes of cinema cameras, enabling them to make informed decisions when selecting the right device that best suits their creative vision.

    The workshop comprises three blocks:

    1. Fundamental Cinematography Principles and Cinema Camera Attributes

    In this segment, I will provide a theoretical foundation, introducing you to the basic principles of cinematography and dive into the essential properties of a cinema camera. By the end, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the ideal camera for your project.

    2. Exploring the RED Komodo: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Our second block will focus on the RED Komodo. You will gain an in-depth understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to determine if it aligns with your filmmaking needs.

    3. Case Study: FUGA

    In the final segment, we will examine a real-world case study featuring the film “FUGA,” directed by Bénédicte Lienard and Mary Jimenez. We’ll take a close look at how the RED Komodo performed in the field, exploring the extensive tests that led to its selection for this specific project. Additionally, we will analyze footage shot with the RED Komodo within the context of the film “FUGA” using color grading software. This analysis will unveil the camera’s full potential and how it contributes to the overall cinematic experience.

    Practical Information

    Tickets: it’s free to attend, but on registration only (limited space)
    If you would like to attend, please email us at

    Venue: BXL Central
    Rue Saint-Laurent 36, 1000 Brussels