Showcase SIC 2023

    Friday 14 June 2024
    GC Ten Weyngaert

    About this event

    Join us for the works-in-progress screening of SoundImageCulture 2023 participants.

    We are happy to showcase the works-in-progress of SIC 2023, a day of inspiration, discussion and questioning of films in the making.

    The SIC 2023 participants are Alex Nevill, Anne Vera Veen, Antoine Legardinier, Constanze Wouters, Hannah Bailliu, Julian Garcia Long, Karina Beumer, Keren Kraizer, Margot Mot, Marine Koenig, Nicolas Gourault, Noé Cottencin, Stéphanie Roland


    The films will be shown in three blocks:


    Antoine Legardinier – La maison
    Noé Cottencin – Life
    Anne Vera Veen – Mounds, Myths and Meanings


    Stéphanie Roland – Drop! Cover! Hold On!
    Keren Kraizer – Crack
    Margo Mot – Bruxelles From 5 to 7


    Nicolas Gourault – Unknown Label
    Karina Beumer – The Replacement Project

    Practical Information

    Date: Friday 14 June 2024
    Venue: GC Ten Weyngaert (rue des Alliés 54, 1190 Forest)
    Time: 14:00—21:00

    Free entrance, no reservation needed