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Jan De Coster


Jan De Coster graduated as a director from the film school Ritcs, and post-graduate in Cultural Studies at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He wrote and directed the short films Los Hervideros and The Thread, which won an award at the Locarno festival. He mainly works as an editor on documentary films, experimental films and video installations, as well as (short) fiction films.
Among others, he collaborated with Renzo Martens on his films Enjoy Poverty (2008) and White Cube (2020). He participated as editor on fiction films like Bodkin Ras by Kaweh Modiri, The Chinese Dog (short) by Lut Vandekeybus and Tvano Nebus by Marat Sargsyan. He worked with artists like Sara Vanhee (On Justice) and Edurne Rubio (Ojo Guareña). Since 2013 he has been a tutor at KASK filmschool (Ghent).
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“Dealing with film became a subtle balancing act. It certainly didn’t suffice that films propagated a proper conviction or that they looked beautiful, but it sufficed that they vibrated with life to qualify for admiration. The touchstone was not originality (when film becomes art), but rather an intuition about the irrefutable accuracy that had placed the images on the screen, that had positioned the images vis-à-vis the world. It did not matter that others felt this accuracy where you didn’t see it. It was about the category.”

Dirk Lauwaert

(Selection of) Works

Walter Hus, a musical journey (2021)
Documentary, directed by Astrid Mertens
Edited by Jan De Coster
Velvet Films

Tvano Nebus (2020)
Feature film, directed by Marat Sargsyan
Edited by Ieva Veiverytė and Jan De Coster

Ojo Guareña (2018)
Documentary, directed by Edurne Rubio
Edited by Edurne Rubio and Jan De Coster

On Air (2017)
Documentary, directed by Manno Lanssens
Edited by Jan De Coster
Serendipity Films

The Invisible City (Kakuma) (2016)
Documentary, directed by Lieven Corthouts
Edited by Jan De Coster
Cassette for Timescapes

Bodkin Ras (2015)
Feature film directed by Kaweh Modiri
Edited by Jan De Coster
Revolver Films / Inti Films

Enjoy Poverty (2008)
Documentary, directed by Renzo Martens
Edited by Jan De Coster
Inti Films

Los Hervideros (2006)
Short fiction film written, directed and edited by Jan De Coster
Inti Films

The Thread (2000)
Short fiction film written by Jan De Coster
Directed by Lieven Van Baelen and Jan De Coster
Sheep Productions

“Lorsqu’on vient d’entendre un morceau de Mozart, le silence qui lui succède est encore de lui.”

Sacha Guitry