Zinzindurrunkarratz (2023, 89 mins)
    Documentary, directed by Oskar Alegria
    Wednesday 12 June 2024 at 18:30 at Cinéma Galeries
    Original version with English subtitles

    One film, seven steps

    In the country of fog, all places have their music. Zinzin is a valley of light wind, durrundurrun a bottomless chasm and kurruzkarratz the lightning peak. Shepherds always baptized their world with their ears, and today there is only one left holding out alone in these old mountains, inhabiting his own silence.

    This film recovers a forgotten path to visit him and a lost way of walking, with an old camera that no longer records sound and a young donkey named Paolo as the filmmaker’s accomplices to reach a destination beyond time.


    A filmmaker decides to recover the transhumance path that the shepherds in his town used to take to get to the mountains, but he cannot find anyone still alive to tell him the exact route.

    His idea is also to film it with his family’s old super-8 camera but he discovers that, after 41 years of disuse, it no longer picks up sound.

    The forgotten path and the mute camera will become, along with a donkey called Paolo, the protagonists of a journey full of memories, question marks and silence.

    A film in the form of a path. Mute images, blind sounds. Memory. A song in praise of silence. Like a broken pot. Archaeology of memory. A film of ash and fog, made only of beginnings. Cinema for the touch. About the eternity of lullabies.

    About Oskar Alegria

    Punto de Vista International Film Festival artistic director from 2013 to 2016 in Pamplona-Navarra.
    His first film Emak Bakia baita (2012, about the search for the house in the Basque coast where Man Ray
    shot his Emak Bakia film) was shown in BAFICI, Edimburgh, Telluride, San Sebastian, Shangài, DocLisboa,
    Yamagata, San Francisco and Denver Film Festivals, has been translated into 16 languages and won 17
    awards. His second feature Zumiriki (2028, the story of a sumerged island in the river of his childhood) was
    premiered at Orizzonti Mostra de Venezia and won the best non fiction film award in Seville European Film

    -Emak Bakia baita (2012, 82 minutes) /
    -Zumiriki (2019, 122 minutes) /

    “Oskar Alegría’s poetic, handcrafted ethnography reminds us that in filmmaking there is so much still to learn.”

    José Luis Guerín


    Production: 2023
    Duration: 89 minutes

    CAMERA, SOUND, SCRIPT AND EDITION: Oskar Alegria Suescun
    POST-PRODUCTION: Luis Jambrina, Haimar Olaskoaga
    TEXT CORRECTION: Ander Izagirre, Harkaitz Cano
    PLACE: Navarra, between Artazu and Andia.
    LANGUAGE: Basque.
    FILM: KODAK 50D/500T
    and KODACHROME40 from the 1980s.
    LABORATORIES Retrolab / Film Rescue Europe.

    Practical Information

    Wednesday 12 June 2024 | 18:30
    Language: Basque with English subtitles
    Duration: 89 minutes
    Cinéma Galeries (Brussels)