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SoundImageCulture – SIC is a nomadic platform in Brussels for the development of unique audiovisual projects at the intersection of film, art and visual anthropology. SIC works as an open laboratory: it offers a year-long working process during which its participants develop their artistic project. Through collective sessions, individual mentoring masterclasses and workshops, SIC encourages reflection on aesthetic and ethical choices and the development of new artistic approaches.

Mission statement

The core of the collective sessions are concentrated days of presentations of each project, followed by a generous, in-depth feedback round.
The presentation can take any form, but should always be based on showing audio/visual materials, so that the feedback is given on a concrete object.

The presentation is not about proving that progress has been made or convincing the audience. It is an opportunity to test ideas, to share tryouts, to raise questions. As such, it is a vulnerable moment, but one that can be very beneficial for the process. We recommend that participants define for themselves what they would like to achieve with each presentation, and how they can best use this exceptional assembly to address the questions, difficulties or uncertainties they are facing in their project. For each collective session (except the first) an external guest is invited. These are (inter)national filmmakers. They participate in the feedback session as a ‘fresh eye’, offer other perspectives and open up new avenues. They also offer a master class/workshop. It is also possible for external ‘spectators’ to join the sessions. Interested people need to write an email to register. We ask them to share in informal moments, not to speak in the feedback round.


Starting from the audiovisual material, the projects are discussed in depth and in detail, coaches and participants reflect together on form, intention and content. Everybody is encouraged to share thoughts and comments constructively. The heterogeneity of perspectives and ways of expressing something leads to new insights and discoveries with regard to the material and the project of the participants.

For the participants, reflecting on the projects of others can often mean a breakthrough in their own process. These sessions are also an invitation to share the project with an audience for the first time and to test it against their judgement, in order to be able to formulate and elaborate their own ideas as radically as possible. The feedback always goes towards the material and the project. There is no personal judgement.


Brussels – Belgium


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