Das Retirée or the last house of my father

    Case study by Julie Pfleiderer
    Friday 14 June 2024

    If you were to design your dream house
    now that you’re at the end of your life,
    what would it look like?

    This question from the filmmaker to her father, retired architect Karlhans Pfleiderer, is the starting point of Das Retirée or the last house of my father. Slowly but surely, the house takes form, first drawn on shifting layers of transparent paper, then glued into a scale model. Between the words and the gestures, the film of the daughter becomes the father’s last house, a space in which unspoken words, unfulfilled desires can appear, disclosing coping-mechanisms that have survived several generations.

    The film won the jury prize at Compétition Échappée, Festival En Ville! Brussels, Belgium 2023, and the jury prize chosen by the Young Jury at the Italian Premiere at Faito Doc Festival, Naples, Italy 2023.

    Practical Information

    Date: Friday 14 June 2024
    Venue: GC Ten Weyngaert (rue des Alliés 54, 1190 Brussels)
    Time: 10:30—13:00

    Tickets are free, on registration only (limited space)
    If you want to attend, please email us at