Core team: Emily Wardill

Emily Wardill



Emily Wardill’s practice spans film, video, sculpture, performance, photography and installation. It has been an ongoing enquiry into the imagined image – what it is, what it has been used for and how it leaves indelible motes and shrapnel behind it. This has taken her from examples of entropy to case studies on risk detailing fires attributed to paranormal activity. It has travelled from psychoanalytical case studies on negative hallucination to memory palaces and their relationship to colourless vision. From stained glass as an early device to communicate with the illiterate right up to the filmic technique of ‘day for night’ – reversing it to reflect on technological vision, performed gender and imagined utopias.
Wardill’s work has been exhibited at Secession, Gulbenkian Project Spaces, SMK , de Appel arts centre, List Centre MIT , The ICA, XYZ Collective Tokyo ,The Biennale of Moving Images Geneva, The Serpentine Gallery, The Hayward Gallery, MUMOK Vienna; and MOCA, Miami. She has shown in the Berlinalle Forum Expanded and the New York and London Film festivals. Her work was awarded the Jarman Award in 2010, the Leverhulme Award in 2011 and the EMAF award in 2021. She participated in the 54th Venice Biennale and the 19th Sydney Biennale.