Core team: Emmanuel Marre

Emmanuel Marre



Born in 1980 in Paris. After a Master’s degree in literature in Paris, he returned to the IAD (Institute of Media Arts, Belgium) in 2004 and obtained a Master degree in production in 2008. He lives and works in Brussels where he shares his time between documentary cinema and fiction. He is looking for a freer work method based on writing during filming, breaking the line between documentary and fiction, in direct relation to his creative material, the actors, the environment and the chaos of life. His 1st feature film “Rien à foutre” codirected with Julie Lecoustre is selected at La semaine de la critique at Cannes, 2021. “The Summer Movie” (Le Film de l’été) received the Jean Vigo prize in 2017 and “Castle to Castle” (D’un château l’autre) received the award : “Pardi di domani” in the short film competition in Locarno, 2018. He directed numerous documentaries, including Chaumière (2013), and short fiction films such as “La Vie qui va avec” (2008), “Le Petit Chevalier” (2010) and “Le Désarroi du flic socialiste Quechua” (2014).