Core team: Walter Hus

Walter Hus



Walter Hus is a composer and pianist with a taste for experimentation.
In the 1980’s he co- founded the Belgian avant-garde group Maximalist and toured the world with them. He then became a more classical composer and performs a classical repertoire and his own piano music and collaborates with orchestras and ensembles, writers, visual artists, cartoonists, rock and techno artists, as well as theatre directors, choreographers, filmmarkers and video game developers.
In 2000, he discovered the Decap Orchestrion, a computer controlled automated setup of organs and percussion instruments developed by the belgian company Decap. He sets out to explore the new instrument, composing soundscapes,operas, film scores, stage music and rock songs, collaborating with wind energy research projects, revisiting techno hits from the 1990’s and numerous other projets..
In 2015, he received the Ensor Award at the Ostend International Film Festival for his soundtrack to the film N- The Madness of Reason be Peter Krüger.