Collective session

    Collective Session September 2023

    Collective Session 2
    25—28 September 2023
    with guest Roee Rosen

    In this collaborative gathering, we will delve into the world of audiovisual storytelling exploring new horizons with compelling narratives. This session promises to ignite our senses and inspire our creative spirit, in the presence of international guest artist Roee Rosen.

    SoundImageCulture’s collective session is more than just a workshop – it’s an incubator of ideas, a cradle for experimentation, and a laboratory for pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

    Join us for an enriching two-day gathering on September 25th and September 26th, where selected participants and coaches will unite to exchange their latest images, ideas, and valuable feedback.

    On September 26th, don’t miss the captivating screening of ‘Kafka for Kids’ by Roee Rosen at Bozar. This thought-provoking cinematic experience will set the stage for a deep dive into Roee Rosen’s Master Class on September 27th. During this session, we’ll explore intentional, direct, and radical forms of voice doubling, fostering a space where identities can evolve into multifaceted expressions.

    Lastly, on September 28th, we’ll keep leaning with a case study by Jorge Leon (coach at SIC; ‘Searching for Lucy’) and a workshop by Lisbon-based artist and lecturer Stefanie Baumann (‘The Viewing Booth’) about making a political film.

    Let’s unlock the power of audiovisual storytelling and bring our creative visions to life.


    Monday 25 September
    10:00—18:00 Day 1 feedback session (GC Ten Weyngaert)

    Tuesday 26 September
    10:00—18:00 Day 2 feedback session (GC Ten Weyngaert)
    19:00—21:00 Screening ‘Kafka for Kids‘, with Q&A by Roee Rosen (Bozar)

    Wednesday 27 September
    10:30—15:30 Roee Rosen Masterclass (GC Ten Weyngaert)

    Thursday 28 September
    11:00—12:30 Case-study “Searching for Lucy”, by SIC coach Jorge Leon (GC Ten Weyngaert)
    14:00—18:00 Stefanie Baumann workshop “Doubting Vision: On the Potential of Political Filmmaking Today” (GC Ten Weyngaert)

    If you wish to attend any of these events:
    Free, but on reservation only (email us at
    With the exception of ‘Kafka for Kids‘ – ticketed entry at Bozar


    GC Ten Weyngaert: rue des Alliés 54 / Bondgenotenstraat 54, 1190 Forest
    Bozar: rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

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