Fatherless (Où sont nos pères ?)

by Muna Traub


“Fatherless” is a documentary that explores the issues surrounding the absence of fathers within African-origin families through the narratives of four young women. It focuses on the stories of Ima, Djeneba, Marta and Sophie, who, for various reasons, must deal with the absence of their fathers. This film is a collection of anecdotes and testimonials that depict the impact of this separation on our identity formation as racialized women. 


Muna Traub graduated in journalism in 2018 from IHECS. Passionate about documentaries, she co-directed “Tu seras un homme ma fille” her first film in the Dominican Republic which was broadcasted on television channels such as RTBF and BX1. Autodidact, she simultaneously ventured into fiction production for the feature film “Le Voyage de Talia.” In May 2023, the film was released in Belgian cinemas and was also selected for several international festivals, including the renowned Palm Springs Festival. 

Currently, Muna Traub is co-producing the short film “Backstage,” directed and co-produced by Inès Eshun. Additionally, Muna Traub writes for the investigative magazine “Médor.” Finally, she is currently preparing her second documentary film project titled « Fatherless. »