The Fourth Day of school

The Fourth Day of school

by Martina Melilli


A boy tells about his fourth day of school, in a new country, after arriving from Africa. He’s supposed to be Italian, but in someway he is not. Without memory, the present continues chasing the past, in a circularity of History. Floating in the sea of memory, the words of the father together with the archival images tell a story that goes beyond the individual experience, where the past of one person becomes the present of a nation in the time of massive migration.


A film by Martina Melilli
Image: Martina Melilli
Sound: Martina Melilli
A film developed in the framework of SIC.

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Year: 2016
Duration: 5’3”
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Full film :


IFFR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2016
DocuTiff film Festival, Tirana, Albania, 2016