Studio Nagrin

Studio Nagrin

by Marie Mc Court


Six young Parisians from a disadvantaged neighborhood are sent to Burkina Faso. As part of a humanitarian project, they’re meant to meet Burkinabe teenagers to « open up to the world and confront themselves with the living conditions of Burkina Faso, mirroring their own». Their educators present the trip as a life changing experience, and one that needs to be captured on film. 

In a situation where roles are already distributed and defined, is an encounter possible ?

This film is about the shooting of a documentary, questioning its raison d’être, and reflecting on perceptions inherited from France’s colonialist past.


Marie Mc Court is a franco-danish writer/director based in Brussels. Her graduation film, ‘I was still there when you left me’, shot with first time actors, won an Oscar and was shortlisted at the BAFTA.

In 2021 she launched an all women casting directors collective, E19casting. She is now developing her short into a feature film, while writing her first documentary.