by Sonia Pastecchia


Rina Cingolani is 82 years old. With her friends, she shares the same past: that of emigration. The same mourning: that of the husband. And the same desire not to mourn as we approach a common future: the great reaper. Together they go out, eat, dance. And God willing! They’ll go to Banneux!
The film follows the travels of these women from 75 to 87 years old, between public transport, cemetery and café-crêpes. Season after season, we will see them going out together to enjoy, with a lot of “ouch”, “ouches”, coal and other shouts, the Chinese restaurant, the French fries, the spaghetti, the dance. The film will show the lack and the ever-palpable presence of the deceased husband, if God wills!… For God is at every corner of the sentence, just as their men, now in heaven, are at every corner of the street, table, garden, bedroom, sofa.
And as my mother would say: Your father is in the place of Truth (in heaven), and I am in the place of Lying (on earth)… but still, he was a bore.

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In post production
Production : AJC (Victor Claude)
Coproduction : CBA

A film developed in the framework of SIC.