Another Planet

Another Planet

by Amir Yatziv


Animated Documentary of encounters in virtual worlds simulating the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. The film follows the creators of these virtual camps within their simulated worlds: a German prosecution office preparing a trial; Israeli high-school students reconstructing the Israeli air force fly-over from 2003; Israeli game developer developing a game; Polish graphic designer developing a virtual reality experience; German architect and Israeli historian reconstructing architectural model. The film is constructed as a mosaic in which the avatars of each of these creators walk around his own virtual Auschwitz camp. A journey to the depths of memory reveals the obsession with the representation of the Holocaust.


Director, Cinematography & Research: Amir Yatziv
Production & Production Company: Amir Yatziv and Jonathan Doweck
Script: Elad Weingrod, Amir Yatziv
Editing: Didier Volckaert
Soundtrack: Nati Zeidenstadt

A film developed in the framework of SIC.

More Information

Duration: 48’
Year: 2017
Language: German, Hebrew, Polish
Subtitles: English, French



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