Life Between Buildings

Life Between Buildings

by Simon van der Zande


‘Life Between Buildings’ is an open-ended film and research project aimed at (1) finding a language to (2) create a complex audiovisual image of Brussels’ public space and the different people inhabiting it together. Highlighting the particularity and relationality of life in the public space, I will avoid approaching with an overarching central theme or idea. Instead, I will try out different approaches and find things out along the way.


Simon van der Zande is a filmmaker from Amsterdam, based in Brussels. He graduated from KASK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) with the short film ‘Thank you for your patience!’ in 2022. With this film he won prizes at Film Fest Ghent, International Short Film Festival Leuven and Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen.

Simon’s background in philosophy plays an important part in his filmmaking: by means of simple, recognizable situations his films investigate the moral complexities of living together and negotiating differences.