Two Mountains Weighing Down my Chest 

Two Mountains Weighing Down my Chest 

by Viv Li


Raised up as a tomboy during the 1990s in China, 31-year-old Viv Li now lives in Berlin. The contrast between this progressive city and her conservative upbringing brings her much pressure on sexual and gender exploration. Following her encounters in Berlin and her journey back to Beijing, the film takes a witty yet sharp look on how these two polarised cultures affect the way we live, while providing a humorous dialogue between the two societies and Viv herself (until she changes her pronoun, of course).


Director: Viv Li
Producer: Daniela Dieterich
DoP: Janis Mazuch


Sundance Documentary Fund, 2022
The Whickers Awards, 2022
Logan Nonfiction Fellowship, 2022
IDFA Forum, 2021
Nipkow Program, 2021
Berlinale Talents Doc Station, 2021
IDFA Project Space, 2021
IDFAcademy, 2021
Kickstarter, 2021
DOKLeipzig, 2020

A film developed in the framework of SIC, 2020