In het spoor van zonneroos

In het spoor van zonneroos
On The Trail of Rock Rose

by Hannah Bailliu


In his pursuit of freedom André Viane renounced societal life and withdrew into a remote Portuguese valley. For forty years he lives immersed in the land and the physical experience of being it evokes, until being becomes unbearable. André expresses the wish to end his life which complicates the bond with his only daughter. In the end he has to ultimately let go.

When I met André and his daughter Seren six years ago I was full of questions on how and where to live my life. Their way of living inspired me and I started filming in long observational takes in an attempt to breathe along with their rhythm and get to a sense of that being present. When André’s wish to end his life became more urgent, questions intensified on romanticised escapism. With this film I want to reflect on the search for purpose, the impact of isolation and the significance of human connection.