Legacy of silence

Legacy of silence

by Janine Prins


Erfenis van stilte

What can possessions evoke in terms of inequality? Taking some stuff from my family’s colonial past in Indonesia as a starting point I’ll explore various perspectives in time, space and location. The result can be an installation and/or essay film. Regardless of its form, the work is meant to offer multiple shifting positions, generating unpredictable views and experiences.


Project support: Stichting Docuprins, SIC
Equipment: Leiden University, Alex Pitstra, JP, Lodging: Jan Karremans, Carolina Diaz.
A video installation developed in the framework of SoundImageCulture – SIC.

Text about the project: doi.org/10.4000/anthrovision.3048

Website: www.janineprins.com

Excerpt: https://vimeo.com/224075377


Open Stal, Oldeberkoop, Netherlands, 08/2023
SIC Exhibition, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 2017

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