‘Cracks of Hope’

by Alhasan Yousef


In a land burdened by pain, Syrians have endured various forms of tragedy since 2011. Between the helplessness of those in exile trapped by their anxiety, the helplessness of those waiting for their loved ones forcibly disappeared, and the helplessness of those raising their hands with a piece of paper bearing words of their silenced voices, Syrians share the suffocation of being trapped between the walls of repression. In that pain-laden land, an earthquake had shaken it, causing those walls of repression to crack, allowing screams to be heard, and letting light penetrate the crevices of hope for change.


Alhasan Yousef is a documentary and fiction filmmaker and photographer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisuals from Lebanon and a master’s Degree in Documentary Film Directing from the DocNomads Program.

In his documentaries, he strives to fuse the lines between fiction and non-fiction in an experimental and personal manner. He draws on his subjectivity to recount experienced social, political, and emotional narratives reflecting on identity, desires, and dislocation. Alhasan took part in the Beirut Image Festival (BIF 2019). His latest documentary, “Locus Cordis” premiered at the Visions du Réel film festival in April 2023 and will be screened in RIDM next November.