The Sound of Normalisation

The Sound of Normalisation

by Davide Tidoni


The project THE SOUND OF NORMALISATION is a collection of audio recordings that documents the sound culture of the Ultras group BRESCIA 1911 in relation to modern football and the wave of repressive measures targeted at organized supporters groups.

The recordings were taken over a period of 15 years and cover:

1) creation, uses and meanings of the chants

2) group principles and collective identity

3) audience participation and the process of social exclusion from the stadium

4) police repression and the political implications of the chants

5) the evolution of the drumming in relation to the drums ban-order of 2007.

Each recording comes with a short introductory text and is presented as a video with subtitles. The work has been published in 2018 by SARU, Oxford Brookes University.

More Information

(2018/60’/SIC) Art Project Book + DVD (video)

Full video :