Ote-toi de mon soleil


Joseph can no longer live at home. For years, he traveled the city with his trolley to amass kilos of disparate papers and collections of objects of all kinds, saturating his apartment with a labyrinthine chaos. He has a dizzying culture and a sharp sense of humor. He is said to have “Diogenes syndrome”. I help him to unclog his interior. A friendship is forged. 
Between order and chaos, the portrait of a man and the attempt to enter his mental space. His crossing of the century, his dreams, his memories. The film, a kaleidoscope between hot and cold, between overflow and bursts of laughter, recounts our encounter. The promise of a second life, and the affirmation of uncompromising freedom.


Production: Matière Première (Julien Contreau)
Co-production: Survivance, GSARA, Luna Blue Film, Shelter Prod, CBA
With the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation