Ote-toi de mon soleil

Ote-toi de mon soleil

by Messaline Raverdy


Between order and chaos, the debacle of a modern-day Don Quixote, his dreams, his memories. His journey through the century. Through him, the portrait of a place, of an overflow of debris. before the collapse of the world, how to live? The film, a kaleidoscope between hot and cold, between overflow and bursts of laughter, also recounts the characters’ meeting with the filmmaker. The promise of a second life and the affirmation of an uncompromising freedom.

“Joseph cannot live at his own place anymore. For many years, he has travelled around the city with his trolley to gather tons of miscellaneous papers and objects of all kinds, this filling his flat with labyrinthine chaos. He is said to have “the Diogenes syndrome”. He is gifted with vertiginous erudition and witty humour. I help him unclog his home. One friendship is forming.” Messaline Raverdy

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Production: Matière Première (Julien Contreau)
Co-production: Survivance, GSARA, Luna Blue Film, Shelter Prod, CBA
With the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

A film developed in the framework of SIC.