Saint’s Game



Language :

OV English, French, Russian – St, French, English


Synopsis :

In Brussels, a Palestinian, a Dagestani, an Icelandic and a French person will do various performances involving secular stories – especially Christian stories – whose imagery have permeated Western culture. Through these gestures and words that are borrowed from that imagery, the personal stories that deal with the distance of each persons’ original environment and native culture is not being materialized, but undergone. Everything will take place in Brussels.This geographical choice makes sense.  This city might be preferred over the displaced sense of disinheritance that leads to their wandering.

Team :

Actors : Rimah Jabr, Oskar Petzet, Timur Magomedgadzhiev et Amélie Derlon Cordina

Image : Julien Englebert, Hoang-Son Doan, Amélie Derlon Cordina

Sound : Théophile Gay-Mazas, Edith Herregods, Adrien Monfleur

Edditing : Amélie Derlon Cordina

Data Moshing : Maël Delorme

Color : Julien Hernan Ramirez

Sound Mixing : Pierre-Nicolas Blandin

Sound and Sound Mixing : Jean-Noël Boissé

SIC Coach : Eric Pauwels


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