by Julian Garcia Long


Set in the forests of Patagonian Andes, ALUMINÉ intertwines the stories of people, animals and the environment. At its heart, the film unravels a mystery within a once-burned native Araucaria  forest. The origin of the fire remains enigmatic, with contradictory narratives pointing to both human and natural causes. A mysterious motorcyclist drives through the damaged landscape in the mist – or smoke. Was he involved in the wildfire or is it just a rural myth?

The film gently weaves this mystery into a broader exploration, highlighting the complex relationships between the indigenous Mapuche community, dedicated scientists and their contrasting perspectives, uses and histories of the land.

At night, animals appear like spectral presences that stare at us. During the day, indigenous people, scientists and NGO volunteers replant the devastated forest. The presence of the fire is constant but elusive, and it haunts us through the remnants of the murdered trees.