A letter to Nicola

A letter to Nicola

by Hara Kaminara


This film is revisiting my experience on board the Aquarius, a search and rescue ship operating in the central Mediterranean Sea. I had joined the crew as the photographer in order to document their missions. After my last disembarkation I found out I was pregnant.  Shortly after, due to political pressures the ship was forced to stop operations. That’s when I decided to make this film, a letter to my yet unborn son about the state of the world around the moment of his birth.

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Language: Greek, French, English – with French subtitles

A film written and directed by: Hara Kaminara
Image: Hara Kaminara
Sound: Hara Kaminara
Editing: Cédric Zoenen & Hara Kaminara
Sound Editing: Thomas Ferrando
Mixing: Thomas Ferrando
Color grading: Paul Millot

A Dérives Production – Julie Freres In co-production with SIC – Sound Image Culture, CBA – Centre Audiovisuel à Bruxelles Produced with the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l’audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, du Service Public Francophone Bruxellois and Wallonia.

Trailer : https://mubi.com/films/letter-to-nikola/trailer