Kouté vwa (listen to the voices)

Kouté vwa

by Maxime Jean-Baptise


Kouté vwa is based on Maxime’s father’s participation in the French film “Jean Galmot adventurer”, as well as the Affair of the Cayenne Insurgents (1928-1931). Today, Maxime is wondering about this colonial representation in which his father was an extra.
The project intertwines micro-histories specific to the former participants of the film, with derivatives of the real facts, as well as Maxime’s family members. By proposing a re-reading of the original film, Kouté vwa tries to produce another performance of this story and questions how the traumas of the past re-apear in the Guyanese identity, in the bodies, the architecture, the territory.
A project carried out in collaboration with the discursive platform Sasé istwé, co-founded by Elli Vassalou and Maxime Jean-Baptiste, who sees himself as a participatory research tool, where the archives of this history are reactivated through a creative dialogue with people living in French Guiana and the Guyanese diaspora in Europe.


Year: in development
Duration: 90′
Language : Ov French, Creole
A film by Maxime Jean-Baptise
Script: Maxime Jean-Baptiste et Audrey Jean-Baptiste
Production Twenty Nine Studio & Productions, in coproduction with Spectres Films (F) and Atelier Graphoui. A film developed in the framework of SoundImageCulture – SIC. With the support of CCA of the FWB, CBA, Bruits asbl and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.