A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN – Poetry in the comfortable grey zone


by Toshie Takeuchi


Experimental and performative film ‘A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN – Poetry in the comfortable grey zone –’ questions on the ambiguous notion of territory, property and home. It is based on Takeuchi’s artistic research on several narratives and perspectives on an occupied old embassy of Democratic Republic of the Congo located in the Hague, Netherlands, where she lived and worked.


Directed and produced by Toshie Takeuchi in collaboration with:
Acting, movement, performance, participation:
Amir Bolzman, Cheik FITA, Gérard Kanabasawo, Jonathan Malanba, Jorrit van Rijn, Lars Kynde, Maartin, Matus Bolka, Nikolaj Kynde, Ola Maciejewska, Paulin Kabuya Mulanba, Peter Edward, Seline Oosterling
Camera and Light operation: Ben Geraerts
Camera operation: Thomas Vroege
Boom operation: Kacper Ziemianin
Reenactment, instruction: Cheik FITA
Movement workshop, instruction: Ola Maciejewska
Contribution of field recordings & sound editing: Donia Jourabchi
Music, Noise Making: Chrs Galarreta+Dario Sanfilippo
Translation: Anastasia Chaguidouline & Daniel Barbenel
Additional camera, sound and editing: Toshie Takeuchi

More information

2 screens (or 1 split screen), colour, HD

Language : OV English, French – St, French

Supported by
Mondriaan Fond (NL)
Statens Kunstfond (DK)
Stroom Den Haag (NL)

Website : https://www.houseplacedinbetween.space/