SIC 2018 / 2019 starts in September 2018 and runs till December 2019.


Collective sessions take place about every second month in Brussels. Here under you can find our previsional planning of the collective sessions (tbc).

You are welcome to join our meetings !  If you want to come, please apply at: soundimageculture@gmail.com


The team of directors and artists with whom we will work in 2018/2019 are Charo Calvo, Effi & Amir, Mary Jimenez, Jorge Leon, Eric Pauwels, Didier Volckaert, Sabine Groenewegen. They will coach each participant in the realization of their audiovisual project.


11/09 -12/09/2018

Collective Session : Project Presentations SIC - Participants 2018 / 2019


Presentations SIC - Coaches 2018 / 2019

26/10/2018 'Eau Argentée, Syrie Autoportrait' - Studyday with Ossama Mohamed at UCL    
12/11 - 13/11/2018 Collective Session with Sound-Mentor Charo Calvo    
14/11/2018 Masterclass with Charo Calvo at Pianofabriek    

'Ojo Guareña' - by Edurne Rubio / Sounddesign : Charo Calvo

Screening & Talk at Cinema Palace

15/11/2018     Workshop and exhibition visit at Bozar - Chris Marker and visit at Argos    

19h00 Ciné-Club Cinema Palace - SIC

'Saints'Game' by Amelie Derlon Cordina (50min/2017)

'The Yellow Mazda and His Holyness' by Sandra Heremans (10min/2018)

*films developed in the framework of SIC



19h00 Two Avant Première at BOZAR

'Trying to Catch the Wind' by Julia Clever (60min/2018)

21h00 'Derrière les Volets' by Messaline Raverdy (50min/2018)

*films developed in the framework of SIC

04/02 - 05/02/2019 Collective Session with Guest    
06/02/2019         Masterclass Guest    
07/02/2019     Editing Workshop with Sabine Groenewegen    
03/04 - 04/04/2019
Collective Session with Guest
05/04/2019             Masterclass Guest    
06/04/2019 Screening & Discussion individual Exercises    
17/06 - 18/06/2019 Collective Session with Guest    
Masterclass Guest
19/06/2019 Screenings & Discussions Exercises    
23/09 - 24/09/2019 Collective Session with Guest    
25/09/2019 Masterclass Guest    
26/09/2019 Workshop 'Post-Production'    
December 2019 Screening SIC 2018 / 2019